The Ambiance Creator

The Ambiance Creator



HomePure Serena is an air freshener with an integrated light and water feature that transforms any room into an oasis of well-being. 

As an ambiance multi-talent, Serena’s fragrance and lighting, together with the water feature, immediately create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in any room. 

The ambient air is drawn in through the device and then filtered through the water, which helps to regulate the humidity.

Serena is suitable for any kind of room, however particularly suitable for bedrooms, as regulated humidity, the pleasant scent and the gentle light effects, promote falling asleep as well as a restful sleep.

Serena can also be perfectly combined with the Zayn air purifier to create the optimal feel-good climate in any room: first clean the air with Zayn, and then create a feel-good atmosphere with Serena.

The oils specially developed for the HomePure Serena are available in the fragrances eucalyptus, orange and lemon.